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Chicken Karahi dhaba style Recipe

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Get the unique and delicious Dhaba recipe flavor at your home. Now you can prepare Dhaba Chicken Karahi Gosht, a specialty of road side Dhabas. This recipe contains a special taste and aroma that you enjoy the most. It is prepared in a unique style with chicken, tomatoes, ginger, red chilies, and black pepper. Try out the Dhaba Chicken Karahi Gosht recipe from our page. This recipe is ideal for your taste buds. Moms and wives can follow this recipe at home. Dhaba Chicken Karahi recipe can be impeccable fundamental course dish for lunch and dinner. It tends to be presented with Nan, Kulcha or Roti. Extraordinary Chicken Karahi recipe is served at all driving Pakistani restaurant and dhabba. You can find this recipe on each driving menu of Pakistan. Little and enormous restaurant of northern areas of Pakistan are known for serving tasty Dhaba Chicken Karahi in Side of the road dhabba are well known for their unique Chicken Karahi recipe. Individuals from close and far regions love to come and devour this claim to fame dish

Chicken – 1 ½ kg
Oil or ghee – ½ kg
Tomatoes – 1 kg
Ginger – 50g
Lemon juice – 1 tbsp
Salt – to taste
Ginger garlic water – 5 tbsp
Green chillies – 4
Cumin seeds – 1 tsp (fried and grounded)
Dry coriander seeds – (fried and grounded)
Crushed black pepper – 1 tsp
Crushed red chillies – 1 tbsp

Take a pan and put oil, fry chicken in this oil until turns a reddish colour. Take a wok and put chopped tomatoes with little bit of water and cook until tomato cooks well. When tomatoes are done, put fried chicken along crushed red chillies, salt and ginger garlic water (take a bowl and put roughly chopped ginger garlic and water, and use this water) and fry well.
Now add green chilies, black pepper, ginger flakes, fried masala (cumin seeds and coriander seeds) and some oil (which we used to fry chicken) and fry well. Then add lemon juice and cook in steam for 5 minutes on very low heat.

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